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Specialists of Ideya Translation Center translate into all languages in all subjects and difficulty levels.

A professional editor checks our translations before delivering to a customer. In conclusion, accuracy and compliance of the translation with an original text and requirements of the style, sameness of terms are fully provided.

We check translations for publication and presentations in two stages: editing and proofreading.
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Translations in all languages and subjects
Convenient payment methods
Online, via Million, E-manat, Expresspay terminals,, Portmanat mobile apps and bank transfers
Checking of translations by professional editors
Prompt translation of large texts without damaging their quality
Receipt of a text in any format
The quality of our translations is ensured by an additional editorial proofreading for free.
Ideya Translation Center translates in subjects such as technical, scientific, economic, financial, legal, oil and gas, IT, marketing, etc. We translate large texts, contracts, reports, computer programmes, websites and many other works in a timely and qualitative manner in an affordable price.

Our translators are specialists who are professional at their work, have many years of experience and are specialized in their fields.

The high quality of our translations is ensured by an additional editorial proofreading for free. Regardless of its subject and difficulty, each translated text is checked by an editor for free. Both technical mistakes are corrected and the compliance of the translation with a format of an original text and observing terminology are ensured. If some translators worked on the translation, the style is identified.

Main translation areas we work on:

Technical translation
Technical translation is to keep the balance between art and science with the influence of theory and practice. Technical translation is almost one of the most difficult kinds of translation.

Ideya Translation Center translates technical documents for many leading companies of our republic. We can say with assurance that technical translation is one of the main directions of our company.
Legal translation
Legal translation is rich with special terms and fixed word combinations. A translator who isn't familiar with these may easily translate a given text wrongly. Legal texts in a foreign language reflect characteristic features of the legal system of that country. A translator shouldn't only know main provisions of that system, but also be able to use legal expressions accepted in another country.

Ideya Translation Center has great experience and appropriate term base in the translation of large sentences, criminal cases, etc. accepted in foreign countries.
Translation of financial and economic documents
Many complex and specific terms are used in the translation of this type of texts. Therefore, this type of translation is considered one of the most difficult translation types. This work can't be entrusted an amateur at all.

Fixed word combinations, neologisms, specific expressions, abbreviations and professional terminology are actively used in documents and articles. When a translator is superficially familiar with translation features of such texts and the area, that reflects itself in the quality of the translation. As a result, contracts may be breached, misunderstandings may arise between partners and there may be other problems in business.

If you need the translation of financial and economic documents, you are at the right address. Translators and editors of Ideya Translation Center specialized in this field will help you.
Medical translation
Citizens of our country sometimes head towards foreign countries to get medical services. Translation of medical documents is needed at that time. You may apply to Ideya Translation Center for the translation of such documents.
Literal translation
Translation of literal texts seems easy at first glance, because specific terms are not used here, but only a few translators can really translate literal texts qualitatively. Literal translation is different from other translation types for its specific features. A translator works within a certain framework with specific terminology in scientific, technical or legal translations. However, a translator who translates literal texts should also have imagination, (s)he can't translate the work uninterestingly. Translation of a literal work isn't considered at the same level with writing it in vain. Therefore, literal translation is considered a creative work, that is, it belongs to the field of art.
Translation of scientific texts
Oil and gas

Translation is one of the most needed services today. It is needed when cooperating with foreign partners, preparing a document to submit to other states, publishing academic and other articles in a foreign press and in other cases.

Depending on the subject of the text, a specialist who studied that field must be involved. For example, only a person with proper education can translate a medical text qualitatively. It also concerns legal texts. Because a specialist knows terms and foreign legislation well.

Each field has its own details, therefore, it is needed to apply to a team of professionals - Ideya Translation Center, who knows these details, in order to receive a work of high quality.
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