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All documents that contain text, seals and stamps in foreign language, should be translated into Azerbaijani and notarized before submitted to state bodies.

Ideya Translation Center implements translation of all documents (passport, birth certificate, employment record book, certificate, power of attorney, diploma, etc.) with notarization.

If necessary, we can also take a document from your address and deliver it to your address by courier after your document is translated and notarized.

Notarization of the translation of documents is a service type that contains professional translation. Corporative documents, personal documents, instructions, contracts, technical passports - translation of such documents must meet certain requirements and norms that only professionals know.

Documents submitted for translation are very important for customers. Therefore, a translator is required to be especially attentive and to know specific terminology. Mistakes and different spellings compared to an original version are unaccepted. Otherwise, when a customer passes the border and submits a document to consulate, educational institutions and other organizations, it will be rejected.
The quality of our translations is ensured by an additional editorial proofreading for free.
Specialists at Ideya Translation Center approach each order with responsibility and a completed work is checked by editors. Stylistic and orthographic mistakes, different incorrectness are excluded thanks to such an approach.

Translation of personal documents requires a specialist to know transliteration, spelling of geographical names and other proper nouns perfectly. It is needed to ensure full compliance with an original version.

Proper compilation of documents is as important as accuracy of translation and this factor must be specifically paid attention. Translators of Ideya Translation Center have great experience in working with foreign and Azerbaijani documents and are closely familiar with the requirements of state structures of different countries. Therefore, you may rest assured that translated documents will be checked even in the most serious way.

Customers rarely want their documents to be translated in advance. Therefore, translation of documents and notarization of translation have to be implemented in a very short period of time. When you apply to Ideya Translation Center, you will get prompt service.
Our advantages:
Special attention to accuracy and correctness of translation
Convenient payment methods
Online, via Million, E-manat, Expresspay terminals,, Portmanat mobile apps and bank transfers
Additional control by an editor for free
Fast and qualitative work
Taking and delivering original versions of documents by a courier
Accurate determination of a price beforehand
We guarantee that:
Information will be translated fully and accurately
Terminology will be followed accurately
Defined stylistics will be kept

Order of translation

It is required to submit an original version of a document for notarization of translation. Because the notary must check an original version of a document to approve a translated version. As a result, you will receive a translated document with full legal validity. You can bring your documents to our office, or we can send a courier to your address to take documents. You can either take a document from our office, or we can send it to your address by a courier after translation and notarization.

Payment is determined when an order is received, because it depends on individual factors. Type and the number of documents and language pairs are important, because sometimes a large number of permits and certificates are required to submit to state structures.

Documents submitted for translation and notarization are usually divided into several types:

Financial and economic (financial reports, accounting documents)

Technical (instructions, technical passports, description of manufacturing processes)

Bank documents (reports on cash flow, transactions on settlement account).

Medical (medical historians, doctor reviews).

Legal (execution documents, sentences, certificates, etc.).

Business documents (contracts, statements, commercial suggestions).

Personal documents (birth, death, marriage certificates, passports, diplomas, school-leaving certificates, work record books).

The price is estimated before starting work and never changes after the translation is completed. It is enough to contact with us for it.
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Our customers choose us for our quality work, service level, efficiency and comfortable payment methods.

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The implementation of the translation will begin only after your approval.
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