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Localization is a process of translating a website, computer program or mobile application into a foreign language. More adaptation of the program is required for a foreign user other than the translation of an interface.

We consider both standards of a target group (alphabetical order, paper formats, and features of the legislation) and national mentality, comprehension features of a text, script and colour at that time.

We are sure that we will help you with our enough great experience in this field.

Website translation, software or computer game translation orders are given by companies that plan to extend their activity in other countries.

Translation is implemented by adapting in another language environment or culture. As a result, program or website should work in a target language without any problem. Potential customers and partners should be able to use a program in a maximally comfortable way. Interface must be clear for a target group.

Giving information in other languages will lead to involve new potential customers and investors from other countries. Accurate translation of current information into Russian, English, German, French, Chinese and other languages is needed for it.

Complex solution to complicated tasks

Entrust Ideya Translation Center with the translation of your website to expand geographical scope of your online business.

Localization of electronic resources consists of a few steps. Our specialists create a term base, texts, infographic templates, forms, menus, etc. are translated.
How do we ensure the quality of translation?
Term base is created
Same translation of terms and protection of the structure of website are ensured
All specialists involved in the project use term base and additional materials of the project together
A completed text is re-checked both for the accuracy of translation and compliance with an original text after translation is completed
Localization services we provide
Website translation
Website translation is the creation of its new language version. Not only the text on the website, but also interface elements, links, etc. are translated at that time. Website translation means localization of its content in accordance with national characteristics of a target group.

Website translation allows delivering benefits of a company, characteristics of a presented product, production and delivery terms in a foreign language which shows that the company is ready to work at an international level.

Having a version of a website in another language is an indicator that a company stability is guaranteed and it is development-oriented and has serious goals.
Localization of software
This localization type is an integral part of the work of companies specialized in creating software for personal computers and mobile platforms.

It is possible to get a wide consumer group as a result of the translation of a program into other languages.

Program translation is only entrusted translators specialized in this field at Ideya Translaton Center
Localization and translation of games
Localization of games is many-sided work that requires knowledge in the most different fields - linguistics, IT, cultural studies, law, marketing, history, folklore studies, military, technics, etc.

Computer games have become favourite leisure time activity of children and grown-ups since 1970s. Game companies ensure their distribution all around the world. Companies that aim to create maximum comfortable products for players and to increase sales usually implement translation of games into the language of a target country at that time.
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