We only involve professionals who are specialized in the field and have been tested
Interpretation is one of the main directions of our activity. Experience we got in large events and during negotiations is a provider of the high quality of our work.

Our interpreters will render information with maximum accuracy and do their best for your event to be held successfully.

We provide interpretation services in any type of negotiations, conferences, trainings, escorting specialists in production enterprises and when starting equipment.
Our company provides services in two types of interpretation:
Simultaneous interpretation
It is the most difficult and expensive type of interpretation. Reason for a high price are specific features of the implementation of the order, using special equipment and that the work of interpreters are very difficult: translation is delivered without pausing and simultaneously with the speech of a speaker. It seems to an audience at that time that the speaker speaks the same language with them.

Simultaneous translation is a difficult and intensive process. Therefore, two interpreters are usually involved and they replace each other during the process. Interpreters work in a special booth, event participants listen to them through headphones.
Consecutive interpretation
It is the most known type of interpretation. The price for consecutive interpretation is lower compared to simultaneous interpretation, it depends on languages, subject and consistency of a translator's work.

Consecutive interpretation is almost used in all business meetings, negotiations, conferences, different exhibitions, round-table talks, etc. Guiding for foreign citizens are also considered this type of interpretation.

An exception is interpretation called "chuchotage". An interpreter interprets simultaneously for a certain listener without using special equipment and by whispering at that time.

Choosing a format for an interpretation depends on the scale of an event and where it will be held, the number of participants, the number of language pairs, duration of the speech, possibility of the use of special equipment, etc.

The quality of an interpreter's work directly affects the image of a company. An interpreter is a member of a customer's team and many things depend on the level of his/her professionalism.

If you have any difficulty in choosing the type of interpretation you will order for a planned event, we can help you with pleasure.

An individual price suggestion is formed in accordance with your application. The price mostly depends on the type of interpretation that will be used.

Professional interpreters of Ideya Translation Center will ensure proper understanding of parties, full and accurate render of information. It is enough to contact with us to get information.
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