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Compliance of terms are checked and sameness as well as compliance of a text with a certain style are ensured during editing, a text is fully prepared for printing or presentation.

Even a very interesting text loses its value when written non-compliant with language rules.

As we know it, Ideya Translation Center especially pays attention to editing translations.

Not only translators, but also editors are involved in the translation process at Ideya Translation Center. Regardless of its subject and difficulty, each translated text is checked by an editor for free. Both technical mistakes are corrected and the compliance of the translation with a format of an original text and observing terminology are ensured. If some translators worked on the translation, the style is identified.

Moreover, you can apply to our company for editing translation by another translator.

Ideya Translation Center also suggests stylistic editing service for a text by native speakers. A native editor only checks stylistics, orthography, punctuation and grammar of a text during stylistic editing, but doesn't compare it with an original version (that is, (s)he doesn't check the accuracy of translation and right use of terms).
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